1984- A food Allergy study Utilizing the EAV Acupuncture Technique

1985 – Comparison of Ecological Testing with the Vega test Method in ldentifying Sensitivities To  Chemicals, Foods and lnhalants

1990 – Biophysikalische Allergietherapie

1994 –Energetische Allergietherapie –Moglicheiten und Erfahrungen mit der Bicom-Bioresonanz-therapie


1997 EAP –A Double Blind,Randomized ,Controlled Investigation Of Electrodermal Testing in the Diagnosis of Allergies

1998-Allergietherapie mit dem MORA-super – eine prospective Praxisstudie

2001 EAP –Clinical Outcomes of a Diagnostic and Treatment Protocol in Allergy /Sensitivity Patients

2001 崔玖 –介紹生物能信息醫學

2002-MORA therapy for respiratory and allergic diseases

2004 –Human clinical studies with MORA devices and MORA device clones

2006 –Bioresonance Therapy-a complementary medical method

2007-Die MORA-Bioresonanztherapie

2008 鄭惇方- A Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Bioresonance Therapy of MORA Device on Allergic Symptoms

2008 allergyElectronicRemedies- A Study to Evaluate Efficacy of Electronic Homeopathic Remedies on Allergic Symptoms

2009 生物能共振治療兒童過敏- Bioresonance therapy with children suffering from allergies – an overview of clinical reports

2011 Evidence- Evidence for efficacy and effectiveness of the MORA Bioresonance method in smoking cessation

2011 Retrospective - Retrospective surgery study of the therapeutic effectiveness of MORA bioresonance therapy with conventional therapy resistant patients suffering from allergies, pain and infection diseases

2011 MORA 系統…P1- A StudytoEvaluatethe Efficacyof Bioresonance Therapy of MORA Deviceon Allergic Symptoms 

2011 MORA 系統…P2- A StudytoEvaluatethe Efficacy of Bioresonance Therapy of MORA  Deviceon Allergic Symptoms

2012 -Effectiveness of MORA electronic homeopathic copies of remedies for allergic rhinitis